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Chile Citizenship by Naturalization








Chile Citizenship by Naturalization


The process of naturalization is the legal and administrative procedure through which foreign nationals become citizens of a country, granting them the same rights and responsibilities as native-born citizens. Chilean citizenship by naturalization is a pathway for foreign nationals to become full-fledged members of Chilean society. The process typically entails meeting residency requirements, demonstrating good conduct, and proving one's integration into the country. 

Chilean Citizenship by Naturalization Overview

Chile has approximately 1.4 million migrants, the majority of whom are Venezuelans, Peruvians, and Americans seeking Chilean citizenship. This provides a range of significant benefits. Citizens enjoy the right to participate in national and municipal elections, making their voices heard in the democratic process. They become eligible for public office, expanding opportunities for civic engagement. Additionally, Chilean citizens gain access to a wide array of public services and social benefits. Importantly, they also gain protection from deportation, providing a sense of security and stability in their adopted homeland. 

Moreover, Chile offers a straightforward and well-defined process for obtaining citizenship through naturalization. According to Article 10 of the Chilean Constitution, getting the Naturalization Letter (Carta de Nacionalización) is a way of obtaining Chilean citizenship, which is further developed by a government decree issued by the Ministry of Interior and Public Safety by order of the President of Chile. In addition, the Civil Code, and Law On Immigration serve as the legal foundation for obtaining Chilean citizenship by naturalization. 

Chile Citizenship by Naturalization Requirements

Here are the general requirements and documents needed for Chilean citizenship by naturalization:

Legal Requirements

  • You are 18 years of age or older, have a valid permanent residence permit, and have lived in Chile for 5 years or more; or
  • You are the child of foreigners, 14 years of age or older, hold a permanent residence permit, and have lived in Chile for 5 years or more; or 
  • You are under 18, and one of your parents has refugee status in Chile and has obtained the Naturalization Letter (Carta de Nacionalización); or
  • You are a permanent resident and can prove two years of continuous residence in Chile based on the following:
  • You have been married to a Chilean citizen for at least 2 years, your marriage is officially recognized in Chile, and you've lived together in the same home for that time; or
  • You are a close family member (up to second-degree relatives) of a Chilean citizen, or if you have been legally adopted by Chilean citizens, or
  • One or both of your parents lost their Chilean citizenship before you were born. 

General Supporting Documents 

  1. Application form for naturalization. This can usually be obtained from the Chilean immigration authorities.
  2. Valid passport issued by your country of origin.
  3. Permanent residence permit (Residencia Definitiva permit). This document certifies that you have been residing in Chile for the required period of time (usually 5 years). 
  4. Documents proving that you have been residing in Chile legally. This might include bank statements, utility bills, etc. 
  5. Criminal record certificate. It proves that you have no criminal record in Chile and in your home country.
  6. Birth certificate. This is often required to establish your identity and nationality.
  7. Marriage certificate (if applicable). 
  8. Divorce or death certificates (if applicable). 
  9. Proof of income or employment. This can include payslips, employment contracts, or tax records.
  10. Medical certificate. This may be required to prove that you are in good health and do not pose a public health risk.

The list of documents may vary depending on your specific situation and the policies in place at the time of your application. You can find more information on the required documents on this government website based on the grounds for getting Chilean citizenship by naturalization. 

Chilean Citizenship by Naturalization Application Process

In order to apply for Chilean citizenship, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Verify Eligibility

Before initiating the process, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. This includes having a specific period of residency in Chile (typically 5 years) and clean criminal records. Double-check the requirements to avoid any delays or complications in the application process.

Step 2: Collect Required Documentation

You are required to gather the necessary documents to support your application. These may comprise your passport, other identification papers, proof of legal residence in Chile, birth certificate, criminal record certificate, evidence of income or employment in Chile, etc. Make sure that all documents are in the correct format and up-to-date.

Step 3: Acquire a Temporary Residency Visa

If you do not possess permanent residency in Chile, you should obtain a temporary residency visa first. This can be obtained through the Chilean consulate or embassy in your home country. Once you have acquired the temporary residency visa, ensure that you adhere to its conditions and renew it as required.

Step 4: Apply for Permanent Residency

After residing in Chile for a set duration (typically 1 year with a Temporary Residency Visa), you can apply for Permanent Residency. This involves submitting the required documents to the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (SERMIG) via their online platform. Adhere to the application deadlines and guidelines stipulated by SERMIG for a seamless process.

Step 5: Compile Supplementary Supporting Documents

Depending on your individual circumstances, additional documents may be requested. For instance, if you have dependents, you may need to provide documentation for them too. Review the specific document prerequisites based on your situation and ensure all paperwork is complete.

Step 6: Submit Citizenship Application

Once you fulfill all eligibility criteria and gather the required documents, submit your application for Chilean citizenship to SERMIG. This can be done in person or through their online portal, if available. Keep copies of all submitted materials for your records.

Step 7: Await Processing

The processing time for Chilean citizenship applications can vary, often taking up to 3 years. If your application is accepted, you will be informed of the subsequent steps. Keep your contact details updated with SERMIG to ensure timely communication regarding your application.

Step 8: Administer the Oath of Allegiance

If your application is approved, you will need to take an oath of allegiance to Chile. This is typically conducted in a formal ceremony. Remember to be punctual and bring any required identification or documentation as instructed by the authority.

Step 9: Receive Your Chilean Citizenship Certificate

Following the oath, you will be presented with your Chilean citizenship certificate, passport, and ID card (Cédula de Identidad). Notify pertinent authorities and institutions of your updated citizenship status, if necessary.

3 Tips How to Get Chilean Citizenship by Naturalization from Golden Harbors Experts

To embark on the path towards Chilean citizenship by naturalization, we help navigate the process with care and diligence. We provide the following advice to help you secure Chilean citizenship by naturalization:

  1. Local Bank Account 

As a tip for obtaining Chilean citizenship by naturalization, it is crucial to establish a local bank account with the Chilean bank. This demonstrates your commitment to integration within Chilean society and provides evidence of financial stability, which is often a key factor in the naturalization process. Ensure you have the necessary documentation, including your passport, residency permits, and any required identification, and visit a reputable local bank to open the account. Maintain regular activity in the account, as this can be used as proof of your sustained presence and integration in Chile. Additionally, having a local bank account will facilitate various aspects of daily life, from managing finances to paying bills. 

  1. Sufficient Financial Means 

Ensuring you have sufficient financial means is another tip for obtaining Chilean citizenship by naturalization. Demonstrating financial stability not only supports your case for integration but also satisfies a common requirement in the naturalization process. Maintain a steady income and be prepared to provide evidence of your financial resources, such as bank statements and employment records. This will not only bolster your application but also enable you to comfortably navigate the financial aspects of daily life in Chile, setting a solid foundation for your journey towards citizenship.

  1. Legal Assistance 

Seeking legal assistance is an important tip for obtaining Chilean citizenship through naturalization. Engaging a qualified immigration lawyer or consultant can provide invaluable guidance through the complex legal processes, ensuring all paperwork is accurately completed and submitted in compliance with Chilean immigration laws. Golden Harbors team can also offer expert advice on meeting residency requirements, language proficiency, and other eligibility criteria, significantly increasing the chances of a successful naturalization application. Moreover, a legal professional can help you navigate any unforeseen challenges or changes in regulations, providing peace of mind and streamlining the path to acquiring Chilean citizenship.


Do I Need to Pass a Language or Culture Test to Become a Chilean Citizen?

No, you do not need to pass a language or culture test to become a Chilean citizen. There is no mandatory language or culture test for naturalization in Chile. However, it is recommended to be proficient in Spanish for practical reasons.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Naturalization Application?

The processing time for naturalization applications takes up to 3 years, depending on factors such as the completeness of your application, the workload of the relevant authorities, and any unforeseen circumstances.

Is Dual Citizenship by Naturalization Allowed in Chile?

Yes, dual citizenship by naturalization is allowed in Chile. Individuals who have obtained Chilean citizenship through naturalization are permitted to maintain their original citizenship(s) alongside their Chilean citizenship. This means that they can hold dual citizenship, enjoying the rights and privileges afforded to citizens of both Chile and their country of origin. 

How Long Do I Need to Reside in Chile Before Applying for Citizenship?

Typically, you need to have resided in Chile for at least 5 years continuously, with a temporary or permanent residency status. This period of residence is considered a crucial factor in demonstrating your commitment to becoming an integral part of the Chilean community. 

Is there an Age Requirement for Naturalization in Chile?

No, there is not an age requirement for naturalization in Chile. While there is no specific age requirement for naturalization in Chile, it is recommended to be of legal age, which is defined as 18 years or older.


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international business expansion, entry into the South American market, and setting up a company in Chile allow you to get a residence permit through a business for the whole family


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Residents have access to Chile's healthcare system, which is one of the best in Latin America. Additionally, there are opportunities for quality education, both for the permit holder and their dependents


Global mobility and freedom

a residence permit is issued with the rights to work, do business and study in Chile


An opportunity to live in Chile

no residence limits


Global mobility and freedom

option to purchase commercial and residential real estate with an annual return of up to 5%


The clear path to citizenship

residents can apply for Chilean citizenship if they have been in Chile for 5 years


Global mobility and freedom

there is no need to renounce your previous citizenship when obtaining a Chilean passport


Residence for the whole family

family members (spouse, financially dependent parents, and children) can apply for a residence permit together with the main applicant


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Chile has a favorable tax regime, with low taxes and generous incentives for foreign investors


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