About US

Golden Harbors is an international company with its main office in Miami, Florida, United States. We assist individuals with obtaining citizenship, permanent residency, passive income, and retirement visas, while also offering various solutions for living and conducting business abroad.

Our mission is to modernize and simplify the traditional citizenship and residency solutions, making them more accessible to people

Our team is conveniently located in the United States and Europe, so we can provide better coverage and assistance to our clients.

Our international team comprises experienced professionals passionate about international lifestyles and technology. We focus more on quality than quantity and are constantly seeking new and creative ways to enhance our services, making the process of acquiring additional citizenship, residency, or a long-term visa as simple and easy as possible.

Our team is conveniently located in the United States and Europe, so we can provide better coverage and assistance to our clients

The team

Partners at Golden Harbors have degrees and real-world experience in fields like international law, technology, and economics. They bring a wealth of diverse knowledge and expertise.

We have first-hand personal immigration experience in numerous countries and use our own services. This lets us make well-informed decisions

Sergey Voinich

Founder and Managing Partner at Golden Harbors

A foreign attorney with a specialization in international, patent, and copyright law. For more than 20 years, he worked in different industries: the CIS finance and banking industry, after immigration to the United States, led various roles in the IT industry, conducted business and advised U.S. government agencies, and worked for big tech companies such as PayPal, eBay, and Amazon.

Citizen of the World, has multiple passports, and strongly believes that everyone has the right to personal freedom, choice of citizenship, and unrestricted movement around the world.

Using his expertise in multiple fields, he assembled a strong team of professionals with extensive practical experience working for international consulting agencies, law firms, and technology startups.

Victoria Cold attorney Golden Harbors

Victoria Cold

Lead Attorney at Golden Harbors - EU, CIS, MENA

Victoria is a skilled international lawyer with expertise in corporate and immigration law. She has authored several academic papers in these areas and holds degrees in multiple fields. Fluent in four languages, Victoria's diverse skills have been a key asset in her law career.

After graduating from law school, she began working at an immigration and investment law firm. Victoria's talent quickly led her to leadership roles in immigration companies and law firms across the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe. Her passion for law and her ability to work effectively internationally have been the hallmarks of her career.

At Golden Harbors, she brings her vision to the forefront, striving to innovate and elevate the citizenship & residency market. Her role involves not only applying her extensive legal knowledge but also mentoring junior lawyers, reflecting her commitment to fostering the next generation of legal experts. She sees Golden Harbors as a dynamic platform where she can significantly impact clients' lives and the industry at large.

Golden Harbors Efficient & Secure Way To


a new citizenship and passport


additional residency or a Golden Visa

and also

file, register a company, and open bank accounts offshore

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Our specialty

Our specialty is assisting people in obtaining citizenship and permanent residency through the use of modern technology: online, with transparency and personal assistance at every step of the process


Client-centric approach

From the inception of an idea to the acquisition of citizenship and fully-fledged immigration strategy; resolving all standard and non-standard challenges


Personal experience

We use our own solutions and have a first-hand knowledge of immigration and life in various countries. We understand both the professional and "human" sides of the business


Let us handle the process

We work only with official government programs and authorized, certified partners


Own KYC/Due-Diligence

Golden Harbors has its own KYC/Due-Diligence department. This provides our clients with greater assurance in the positive outcome prior to application submission


Caribbean citizenship

We are also experts in Caribbean citizenship by investment programs. Our competence in this sector is also a result of our geographical proximity to the region

how we do things

Step 1

Figuring out what our clients really need

We always look for the best options that meet both the current needs of a client and those that might arise in the future

Step 2

Developing a detailed action plan

We create the strategy and develop a step-by-step implementation plan

Step 3

Document review and preparation

We make it less likely that your application will be turned down by using our expertise in due diligence and data cross-checks

Step 4

Comprehensive 24/7 support at all steps of the application process

We support you at every step of the process and provide guidance until you cross the finish line

Step 5

Long-term focus

We focus on long-term relationships with our clients. We always stay in touch, even after the successful completion of the transaction

"The World is not Free, But You Can Be..."

Getting another residency or passport makes it easier to travel, do business, study, and live anywhere in the world. It also gives you access to more resources and connections.

Moreover, it provides a sense of security and peace of mind, offering you alternatives in unpredictable situations. Embrace control, enhance your freedom, and step into the realm of global citizenship!

There are Always Options to EXPAND YOUR BOUNDARIES! Let's Discuss Yours

Every client is unique

Every case requires an individual approach and solution. Our years of experience in the industry allow us to provide both.

We will answer all your questions and provide detailed information about the available second passport and residency programs to help you make the right choice.


Lead Attorney at Golden Harbors


Lead Attorney at Golden Harbors