Singapore Residency

Live, work and do business in Singapore

The most reliable residency document in Asia

Live, work and do business in Singapore

The most reliable residency document in Asia

Benefits of Singapore Residency

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When to Choose Singapore Residency

When you want to live in a country with an ultra-high standard of living

When you want to get access to a powerful economic hub of the world

When you are considering an investment with cryptocurrency or fiat

When you are looking to legally optimize your personal and corporate taxes

How to Get Singapore Residency


Detailed step-by-step process


Requirements for all eligible applicants


Required documents for each step of the program


Answers to frequently asked questions

Singapore Residency

Singapore Residency Requirements

Investment options:

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"The Lion City"

Singapore is a city-state consisting of 64 islands that are completely filled with lush vegetation. Singapore is a Lion City, as it has been inspired by the mythical creature Merlion, which has a lion’s head and a fish's tail. Moreover, it is one of the largest business hubs in the world. Many investors set up companies to run their businesses and live here due to the attractive tax system, business-friendly environment, high standards of living, outstanding healthcare and education, and variety of investment options

Singapore Residency Timeline

Officially published timeline

9-12 weeks

Real timeline, based on our practical experience

3-8 weeks

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Why Work with Golden Harbors?

Tested by time: years of learning and working across industries and global mobility solutions. Our team has learned all the nuances and possible pitfalls and will help you avoid them

We take care of the paperwork and handle all the interactions with counterparties while you enjoy your everyday comforts. You still keep the remote control over each step

Convenient team structure: our team is located in both the U.S. and Europe so we have the best coverage to assist you

We take preparation seriously: planning, due diligence, and data cross-checks minimize the risk of rejection. We only work with vetted and government-licensed partners in Singapore

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Singapore Residency Steps



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Singapore Residency FAQ

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Singapore Residency Consultation

Every client is unique

Every case requires an individual approach and solution. Our years of experience in the industry allow us to provide both.

We will answer all your questions and provide detailed information about the available second passport and residency programs to help you make the right choice.


Lead Attorney at Golden Harbors

Victoria Cold


Lead Attorney at Golden Harbors

Golden Harbors is a Secure Way To


a new citizenship and passport


additional residency or a Golden Visa

and also

file, register a company, and open bank accounts offshore

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Looking for Another Residency Option?

If you are looking for a comprehensive review of whether this program is the best fit for you, please get in touch with your trusted advisors at Golden Harbors

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Lead Attorney at Golden Harbors

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Antigua and Barbuda

  • Visa-free travel to 150 countries
  • Option to invest in hotels and resorts 
  • Low contribution. No personal taxes
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  • Successful program since 1985
  • The world's strongest passport
  • Visa-free travel to 188 countries, including USA
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  • Visa-free travel to 54 countries, including Thailand
  • Privileges to buy and own land
  • Right to concessions and licenses

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  • Visa-free travel with 145 countries, including China
  • Option to invest in hotels and resorts
  • Low contribution. No personal taxes
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  • Visa-free travel to 53 countries
  • One of the newest CBI programs
  • Access to the US E-2 investor visa

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  • Visa-free travel with 146 countries, including China
  • Option to invest in hotels and resorts
  • St. George's Medical University
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  • Visa-free travel to 53 countries, including Malaysia
  • Tax incentives 
  • E-2 visa for the United States

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  • One of the strongest passports in the World
  • Access to the EU universities
  • Prestigious EU passport
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St. Kitts and Nevis

  • Visa-free travel with 157 countries
  • The oldest and the most successful CBI program
  • Citizenship in 60 days
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St. Lucia

  • Fast Second Passport via Government Bonds
  • Visa-free travel to 147 countries
  • No income tax

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  • Visa-free travel with 110 countries
  • E-2 visa for the US
  • Great options for real estate investment

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  • The fastest passport to obtain
  • Visa-free to 94 countries
  • No personal taxation
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