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Argentina Digital Nomad Visa: The Ultimate Guide 2024








Argentina Digital Nomad Visa: The Ultimate Guide 2024


Why Digital Nomads Choose Argentina?

Digital nomadism beckons individuals to embrace extended stays in foreign locales while seamlessly continuing their professional pursuits. This lifestyle liberates them from the confines of a static workplace, recognizing the evolving dynamics of work in the modern era. By providing a framework for remote work, it enables professionals to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, contribute to local economies, and forge global connections. The majority of digital nomads choose Argentina as a place of residence while working remotely for the following reasons: 

  1. Affordable Cost of Living

Argentina is renowned for being one of the world's cheapest countries, providing digital nomads with a cost-effective lifestyle. Monthly expenses, including accommodation, food, and transportation, are significantly lower compared to many other destinations, allowing for a comfortable existence without breaking the bank. A single person's estimated monthly costs are USD 441.9 without rent.

  1. Buenos Aires City Amenities

Buenos Aires, the capital city, offers incredible amenities for remote workers. The city's vibrant atmosphere, diverse cultural scene, and abundance of cafes and restaurants create an ideal environment for digital nomads looking to balance work and leisure.

  1. Great Internet Connection

Argentina boasts a generally reliable and fast internet connection, with fiber available in many urban areas. While the quality of internet service can vary depending on the specific location, the overall infrastructure supports remote work efficiently.

  1. Friendly People

The warmth and friendliness of the Argentine people make the country a welcoming place for digital nomads. Despite a reputation for being confident, locals are known for their hospitality, creating a positive environment for those working remotely.

  1. Coworking Culture

Argentina's largest cities have a thriving coworking culture. This provides digital nomads with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and foster a sense of community while working independently.

  1. Natural Beauty

Argentina is a country of diverse landscapes, from the breathtaking Andes mountains to the vast Pampas and stunning Patagonian landscapes. Digital nomads can explore and appreciate the natural beauty during breaks from work, adding an enriching dimension to their overall experience.

  1. Entertainment Opportunities

Argentina's cultural diversity translates into a plethora of entertainment options. Digital nomads can enjoy music festivals, film screenings, and live performances, contributing to a well-rounded and enjoyable lifestyle outside of work.

  1. Accessibility to South America

Positioned as the fourth most visited country in Latin America, Argentina serves as an excellent hub for exploring the rest of the continent. With good transportation links, digital nomads can easily travel to neighboring countries, expanding their cultural experiences and exploring new destinations during breaks from work.

  1. Quality Healthcare System

Argentina boasts a well-developed healthcare system, providing digital nomads with access to quality medical services. The affordable healthcare options, along with competent medical professionals, offer peace of mind to those working remotely. Additionally, many expats find the healthcare services in Argentina to be of a high standard, making it a compelling choice for those prioritizing their well-being while living and working abroad.

  1. Time Zone Convenience

Argentina's time zone, typically UTC-3, is advantageous for remote workers collaborating with clients or teams across the Americas. This alignment facilitates smoother communication and collaboration with colleagues in North and South America, minimizing potential challenges related to significant time zone differences. Digital nomads can maintain a more regular work schedule and enhance productivity without compromising their work-life balance.

Argentina Digital Nomad Visa Overview

Argentina's Digital Nomad Visa, introduced in May 2022, is part of a global trend toward facilitating the influx of remote workers and freelancers. A digital nomad visa is a specialized visa category designed to attract foreigners who work remotely and can perform their job duties from anywhere in the world using technology. The concept gained traction in response to the increasing prevalence of remote work arrangements after 2019. 

The Argentina Digital Nomad Visa prohibits foreigners from working for an Argentinian company or business. While no minimum income requirements have been published, it is expected that a monthly income of around $2,500 is required to qualify. The visa is valid for an initial period of 180 days, with the possibility of renewal for another 180 days. 

Argentina is on its way to becoming a top Latin American digital nomad destination. In a recent press release, Inprotur - Argentina's National Institute for Tourism Promotion - stated that the country is becoming a popular destination for digital nomads due to its affordability and diversity. In 2023, the City of Buenos Aires accepted more than 72,000 digital nomads who chose it to work and for tourism.

Who Can Apply for an Argentina Digital Nomad Visa?

The eligible applicants for a digital nomad visa in Argentina are citizens of countries that do not require a tourist visa to enter Argentina. Some of them are outlined below: 


U.S. citizens, who do not require a visa for tourist visits of up to 90 days, are eligible to apply for the Argentina digital nomad visa, offering them a unique opportunity to experience the country while maintaining their professional endeavors. 

Non-U.S. citizens holding a green card need to apply based on the issuing country of their passport to enter Argentina and subsequently apply for the digital nomad visa, ensuring a streamlined process for those with legal permanent residency in the U.S.


Canadian citizens, who can visit Argentina as tourists for up to 90 days without a visa, are eligible to apply for the Argentina digital nomad visa, fostering a cross-cultural exchange for those seeking a remote work experience in South America.


UK citizens, who currently do not require a visa for tourist visits of up to 90 days, are eligible to apply for the Argentina Digital Nomad Visa, providing them with an avenue to explore Argentina's rich heritage and scenic beauty while working remotely.


Citizens of the European Union, enjoying visa-free access for tourist stays of up to 90 days, can also apply for the Argentina digital nomad visa, enabling them to immerse themselves in the diverse culture and landscapes while pursuing their remote work.


Australian citizens, like other mentioned nations, can visit Argentina visa-free for up to 90 days as tourists and are also eligible for the Argentina digital nomad visa, providing them with a chance to explore the vibrant Argentine culture while maintaining their professional commitments.

Benefits of Argentina Digital Nomad Visa

The Argentina Digital Nomad Visa presents numerous advantages for remote professionals, enriching both personal and professional experiences. Here are the key benefits of obtaining an Argentina Digital Nomad Visa:

  1. Legal Authorization

The visa provides legal permission to work remotely from Argentina, ensuring compliance with immigration laws. It outlines the necessary steps to obtain residency, offering a secure foundation for seamless remote work operations. This not only facilitates professional activities but also grants digital nomads the peace of mind to fully embrace their chosen lifestyle.

  1. Extended Stay

Digital nomads can enjoy an extended stay of up to 1 year. This duration allows for a deeper exploration of Argentina, fostering an immersive experience in the local culture and community. Digital nomads are able to convert their visa to another type of visa, i.e., a work visa, a family reunification visa, etc.

  1. Access to Essential Services

The visa facilitates access to essential services, such as opening a bank account, signing up for local services, and utilizing healthcare facilities. This enhances day-to-day convenience, with Argentina's healthcare system offering quality services at a global standard. According to the World Health Organization, Argentina's healthcare system will rank 28th in the world in 2023, ahead of both Canada and the United States.

  1. Networking Opportunities

The digital nomad community in Argentina is complemented by a thriving IT and startup scene. The country is home to notable startups, including MercadoLibre, a major e-commerce platform often referred to as the "eBay of Latin America." This burgeoning ecosystem not only provides digital nomads with the chance to connect with like-minded professionals but also opens up avenues for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and exciting prospects for professional growth during their stay in Argentina.

  1. Cost-Effective Living

Compared to many Western countries, Argentina provides a cost-effective living environment. Digital nomads can make the most of their income with affordable housing, dining, and entertainment options. The relatively lower cost of living makes Argentina an attractive destination, with baseline monthly costs estimated between $1,000 and $1,500 in 2024. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is approximately $280 per month. Gas costs $0.86 per liter, a mobile phone monthly plan with calls and 10GB+ data costs $17.86, and internet (60 Mbps or more, unlimited data, cable/ADSL) costs $18.17. 

  1. Safety and Security

Significant improvements in safety have made Argentina a more secure destination for travelers. Local authorities have implemented effective measures to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors. A very positive indicator is the fact that Argentina ranks 18th on a crime report for the Americas in 2023. 

  1. Cultural Enrichment

The Argentina Digital Nomad Visa offers digital nomads the opportunity for cultural enrichment by immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of Argentine life. From vibrant arts scenes to traditional festivals and local customs, nomads can engage in a profound cultural exchange, broadening their perspectives and creating lasting memories.

  1. Ease of Transportation

Argentina's well-developed transportation infrastructure ensures that digital nomads can easily navigate the country. With extensive bus networks, domestic flights, and efficient local transportation options, nomads can seamlessly travel between cities and regions, making it convenient to explore various corners of Argentina during their stay.

  1. Language Learning Opportunities

For digital nomads seeking to enhance their language skills, Argentina provides an immersive environment to learn or improve Spanish. Engaging with locals and navigating daily life in Spanish-speaking communities can significantly boost language proficiency, offering an invaluable skill set and cultural understanding for both personal and professional growth.

  1. Culinary Delights

Argentina's culinary scene is a delectable bonus for digital nomads. Renowned for its world-class beef, savory empanadas, and exquisite wines, nomads can indulge in a gastronomic adventure. Exploring local markets, trying regional specialties, and attending culinary events offer a delightful break from work, allowing nomads to savor the diverse flavors of Argentine cuisine and make the most of their time in this culinary haven.

Argentina Digital Nomad Visa Taxes

It is not necessary for digital nomad visa holders to pay local taxes on income earned from sources outside of Argentina. Non-residents of Argentina, including digital nomads, are exempt from fulfilling income tax obligations due to their failure to satisfy the requirements for tax residency. As a result, the obligation for non-resident foreigners to remit income tax is limited to situations in which their earnings are derived from domestic sources or pertain to assets obtained domestically, including real estate.

Digital nomads holding the Argentina digital nomad visa may find themselves navigating a complex tax landscape, especially if they are U.S. citizens or green card holders. The U.S. tax regime for expats, including digital nomads, is influenced by citizenship-based taxation, wherein individuals are taxed on their worldwide income, irrespective of their location. This means that U.S. citizens and green card holders, even if residing in Argentina, must file a U.S. tax return if their income exceeds the minimum filing threshold, which varies based on factors such as age, marital status, and head of household status. While filing doesn't necessarily mean owing taxes, it is a legal obligation.

Digital nomads often assume they can evade U.S. tax obligations due to their nomadic lifestyle. However, the Foreign Account Compliance Act (FATCA) gives the U.S. government extensive global reach by mandating foreign financial institutions to share information about their U.S. clients. This makes it relatively easy for the IRS to track the financial activities of U.S. citizens and green card holders abroad. Failure to comply with tax obligations may lead to penalties, highlighting the importance of understanding and fulfilling tax responsibilities.

Overall, seeking guidance from a U.S. expat tax accountant can help digital nomads navigate the intricate tax landscape and optimize their financial strategies.

Argentina Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Embarking on a digital nomad journey to Argentina requires careful consideration of visa requirements and document submission. To facilitate this process, prospective applicants must provide the following:

Proof of Remote Work and Income

If you wish to enter Argentina as a digital nomad, you must demonstrate that you are a remote worker with sufficient income to support yourself, and that your source of income is outside of Argentina. This involves providing a cover letter explaining your earnings, the source of your income, and supporting documents such as bank statements, pay slips, a work contract, an up-to-date CV, and copies of relevant qualifications. While there is no specific minimum income mentioned in the guidelines, it is estimated to be around $2,500 per month.

Passport and Personal Documentation

To apply for the digital nomad visa, you need a passport from a country that can enter Argentina as a tourist without a visa. Additionally, you must prove your identity by presenting a valid passport (for all nationalities) or other documents listed in Annex I of the Agreement on Travel and Return Documents of the States Parties of MERCOSUR and Associated States (only for MERCOSUR nationals). A Certificate of Nationality issued by the Consular authority may be presented as an exception, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if necessary.

Criminal Record Requirements

Demonstrating good character is crucial. You must provide an Argentine Criminal Record Certificate issued by the National Registry of Recidivism, and a certificate proving that you have no previous convictions or criminal proceedings in process, issued by the authorities of the countries where you have resided for more than one year during the last three years. This is required for individuals over 16 years of age.

Address Proof and Accommodation

You need to provide proof of address as part of the application. Additionally, you should show proof of a place to stay in Argentina for at least the initial part of your stay.

Tax and Bank Account Requirements

Digital nomads in Argentina are not required to pay local taxes on foreign income. However, the visa application process may involve opening a bank account in Argentina. While specific banks are not mentioned, tax rates in Argentina start at 9%, with a maximum tax rate of 35%. Note that digital nomad visa holders are not eligible to work for an Argentine company.

Legalization of Documents

All documentation issued abroad must be legalized by the Argentine Consulate or Apostilled, and documentation issued in a foreign language must have a Spanish translation made by the National Public Translator and legalized by the College of Translators. The National Directorate of Migration may request additional documentation if deemed necessary.

Argentina Digital Nomad Visa Step-by-Step Application Process

A digital nomad visa in Argentina involves a systematic application process that takes around 2-3 months. Follow these steps to successfully obtain the Argentina digital nomad visa:

Step 1. Collect All Necessary Documents

Before initiating your application, gather all the required documents. Ensure that documents issued by foreign governments are authenticated with an apostille and translated into Spanish. Digitize these documents for online submission, including your passport, a cover letter explaining your remote work and income, proof of income, employment verification, an up-to-date CV, relevant qualifications, proof of accommodation, health insurance, and a clean criminal record.

Step 2. Fill Out the Application Form

Register your emails and create an online account through the RaDEX system, the online platform for residency applications created by the National Directorate of Migration. Complete the basic application form in Spanish and make the initial payment of $120 via credit card online using Provincia Net.

Step 3. Make Your Final Payment

After completing the first part of the application, generate a payment number and make the second payment of $80 as a bank deposit at the designated bank. This must be done before finalizing your application.

Step 4. Submit All the Supporting Documents

Return to the application portal after making your payment to confirm the deposit. Upload digitized versions of all required documents and complete your application online.

Step 5. Travel to Argentina and Receive Your Visa

Wait for 10 to 45 days for your application to be approved, and you will be notified by email. Once approved, print the email confirmation and carry it with you when traveling to Argentina. Your visa will be issued at passport control upon arrival.

Step 6. Get Your DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad)

If staying in Argentina for more than 90 days, register for a DNI to perform tasks like opening a bank account or signing a contract. Apply through the Mi Argentina App or at a Citizen Registry. 

5 Tips to Get Argentina Digital Nomad Visa from Golden Harbors experts

Obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa can be a game changer for people who want to work and travel at the same time. Here are our top 5 tips for successfully relocating to Argentina with a Digital Nomad Visa:

  1. Understand Visa Requirements

Learn about the specific requirements for obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa in Argentina. Check that you meet all of these requirements. Next, thoroughly review the list of required documents to ensure you can provide them all. We recommend creating a comprehensive portfolio that includes examples of your work, client testimonials, and proof of income. This will help Argentine authorities see your professional standing and financial stability. You can also participate in online forums, social media groups, and events related to digital nomadism and freelancing in Argentina. Your application will appear more professional and powerful. 

  1. Get Appropriate Health Insurance

Digital nomads in Argentina must have health insurance that covers them during their stay. To find a reputable health insurance company in Argentina, first consider their coverage options and financial stability. Ensure they are also licensed and regulated by Argentine authorities, and consider seeking recommendations from expats or locals with experience in the healthcare system.

  1. Open a Local Bank Account

We suggest opening an Argentine bank account as soon as possible. This will make it easier to receive payments from clients, manage expenses, and comply with local financial regulations. Having a local bank account will also allow you to take advantage of banking services tailored to residents, such as easier access to loans or credit facilities if needed. You may consider the banks in Argentina, such as the Central Bank of the Nation, Santander Rio Bank, BBVA French Bank, Patagonia Bank, etc. 

  1. Consider Tax Implications

As a US freelancer, it is critical to understand the tax implications of working abroad. To ensure compliance with US tax laws, consult with a tax advisor. Keep detailed records of your income and expenses to ensure accurate tax reporting and compliance with the tax authorities. Additionally, explore any potential tax benefits or deductions that may apply to digital nomads, maximizing your financial efficiency during your stay abroad.

  1. Choose a Reputable Service Provider

Choose a reputable service provider with prior experience assisting people with Argentina's  visa applications. Throughout the application process, make use of the service provider's expertise and guidance. Golden Harbors team can help you prepare and review your application, navigate potential bureaucratic roadblocks, and ensure that all documentation is complete and accurate. We can also provide valuable insights and advice on how to optimize your application for success.

FAQ - Argentina Digital Nomad Visa

How Much Does It Cost to Get an Argentina Digital Nomad Visa?

The cost of obtaining an Argentina Digital Nomad Visa includes several components. Beyond the expenses associated with obtaining apostilles for government-issued documents and approved translations for documents requiring translation into Spanish, the application itself incurs a total cost of $200. This comprises a $120 visa application fee and an $80 consulate fee. 

How Hard Is It to Get an Argentina Digital Nomad Visa?

It is not hard to get an Argentina Digital Nomad Visa if you meet all of the legal requirements. This is determined by your nationality, financial stability, and the purpose and duration of your stay. The application procedure is straightforward and fast. 

Can I Work for an Argentine Company with a Digital Nomad Visa?

No, you cannot work for an Argentina company with a Digital Nomad Visa. The Argentina Digital Nomad Visa specifically caters to freelancers and individuals employed by foreign companies operating outside of Argentina. While it facilitates remote work for those employed by foreign entities, it does not grant permission for employment with local businesses in Argentina.

What are Other Popular Digital Nomad Visas in Latin America?

Several Latin American countries provide visas or programs tailored to digital nomads or remote workers. These are the following : 


Ecuador introduced a digital nomad visa in July 2022, offering a validity of up to 2 years. To qualify, applicants need to demonstrate remote work and maintain a monthly income of at least USD 1,380.


Brazil initiated a visa program for online workers in early 2022, allowing foreigners to live and work remotely in the country for a year with the possibility of renewal. Applicants are required to provide bank statements as evidence of a monthly income of  USD 1,500-2,000.


Uruguay unveiled its digital nomad visa in May 2023, permitting digital nomads to reside in the country for 6 to 12 months. Prospective residents must be engaged in remote work and earn a livable income.


Colombia implemented a digital nomad visa in 2022, enabling digital nomads to stay for up to 2 years. Applicants need to show proof of a stable income of at least USD 995 and have health insurance. Cities like Medellin and Bogotá are popular among remote workers in Colombia.

Is There a Stay Requirement for Digital Nomads in Argentina? 

No, there is no stay requirement for digital nomads in Argentina. If you intend to stay in Argentina for more than 90 days, you must apply for a DNI (National Identity Document), or residence permit. This will also enable you to open a bank account and sign contracts. Once in Argentina, you can submit your application online.

How Can I Live in Argentina Permanently?

You must have lived in Argentina as a temporary resident for at least 2-3 years (depending on your nationality) before applying for permanent residence. Because Argentina's Digital Nomad Visa is only valid for 1 year, you would need to apply for another visa (e.g., a work visa or a family visa) before applying for permanent residence.

Do I Need to Pay Taxes in Argentina While on the Digital Nomad Visa?

No, you do not need to pay taxes in Argentina while on the Digital Nomad Visa. Nomads can live completely tax-free in the country for the duration of their stay. However, it is essential to be aware that individuals may still be obligated to fulfill tax obligations in their home country, ensuring compliance with their respective tax laws even while enjoying the benefits of this visa.

Can I Extend my Argentina Digital Nomad Visa?

The Argentina Digital Nomad Visa is valid for 180 days, but it can be extended for another 180 days.  In total, you will be able to stay a maximum of 1 year. Or you will have an option to switch to another visa type if you qualify.


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